To live an Evolved Lyfe
You are Living Your Best Version of Yourself

To live an Evolved Lyfe is unique for everyone.

We each are unique expressions of life full of possibility. To live an evolved life is to live in a way that allows us to be our best version of our self. We each have unique goals and desires. We each have a paths we must take in order to live a life of fulfilment.

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Introducing The "Evolved Lyfe" Platform

Mastering The 14 Laws of The Universe

Mastery of these 14 laws will bring you into perfect harmony with the experience you desire for yourself. Simply knowing the laws is an important part of realizing how you’ve been creating your reality all along. By thought, perception, and expectation you have allowed your desires to fall out of harmony. Your life is exactly the way you wanted it and by learning these laws you will begin to create with an awareness that will immediately change your thought, perception, and awareness.

P.S. We also made a book about ’14 Laws of The Universe’ which you can download for free by clicking here.

Building a Fulfilling Relationship

Ever questioned what goes into building fulfilling relationships with a significant other, family, or friends? It’s time to break down what goes behind relationships with others and foster amazing connections with those around you. These principles will allow show you what it takes to bridge the gap with anyone you are around.

Belief Hacking
From Limited To Limitless

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t overcome something in your life or noticed the same pattern occurring over and over again? There’s a great chance that you have a limiting belief holding you back from achieving greatness. Belief hacking 101 inspects the deepest parts of your mind to bring awareness to those thoughts that are holding you back. It’s time to let go and and revamp your mind.

Understanding Failures As Stepping Stones – An In depth Review

‘Failures’ are inevitable. Even the greatest achievers in the world have failed thousands of times. The great Thomas Edison after he invented the first light bulb that worked said, “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. The power and determination of Edison kept him focused on the end result even when he was ‘failing’. Understanding failures as stepping stones will keep your head in the game no matter what it is you are intending on accomplishing. This concept will keep you focused even when the going gets tough.

Mastering Emotions

Emotions are the connecting force that communicates with all life in the cosmos. Without emotions life would have no expression. As great as emotions are if I let these emotions control me then I can feel like a victim of my circumstances. When I master my emotions, emotions turn into the dashboard of my human experience – communicating to me at every moment if any experience is in alignment with my core values. In ‘Mastering Emotions’ I break down each emotion and what they truly communicate to you on a spiritual level.


Have you ever attempted to meditate? Meditation has many found benefits like Better management of stress, anxiety and depression, increase in immunity, lowered blood pressure, better sleep, improving happiness and general wellbeing, the list goes on and on. In this program I break down very simple meditation techniques that allow any beginner to experience these benefits. Did I mention I even guide you through a meditation?

Assessing Friendships

Ever had a friend that seemed like they did not serve your best interest? In assessing friendships I am going to break down the fundamentals in assessing those who are around you. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “You are the 5 closest people you hang out with” well, it’s time to find out what exactly who you are, what you intend to create in your life, and if these people around you are a true fit for your life’s direction.

Wheel Of Life Assessment

Living a balanced lifestyle can be demanding especially when there are so many distractions in our day to day life. The Wheel Of Life Assessment is a in-depth break down of where you are today and where you would like to be in health, business, relationships, and lifestyle. It’s time to build the bridge and bring awareness to areas that may need more of your attention.

Setting Core Values

What is your core belief system? What do you value most in your interactions with others? These are examples of questions that bring up core values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. This program goes into developing your own core values and understanding the principles of why these are so important to define.

14 Day Wake Up Challenge

Have you ever questioned your true identity and why you do the things you do? In this 14 day challenge you will be diving into the depths of your own perception of self. You’ll be reflecting back to your childhood and seeing who you connected with the most.

The Golden Rules For Achieving Perfect Health

Perfect health isn’t six pack abs; It isn’t about outward appearance; there are millions of “fit” sick people out there. Perfect Health is about getting your body to function normal. Our creator, whether you believe in God, the Universe, or Mother Nature; created us to make an impact while we are here. We were designed to thrive, not merely survive. You have greatness inside of you and I intend to pull it out of you with this book. When you get your body to function the way it was designed, it feels like you have superpowers; you have high energy, you crush it every single day, and you have the blood work to prove it. This is the perfect health that you are going to achieve.

Productivity Unleashed

Time is our greatest asset. The average lifespan of a human being is about 70 years old. That means the clock is ticking each and every day. When it comes to managing your time efficiently and effectively to produce the results I am looking to achieve I must master how I use my time. Being the most productive in a short amount of time can shorten your timeline and build the lifestyle you deserve. This program is designed to unleash your potential and give you the structure to bring all your goals to life in a manageable way.

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

I like how spiritual and yet business savvy y’all are. That’s been a hard thing for me to find a true successful example of.
– Jus’Thea

I’d say between talking with Iain over the years, listening to his videos and reading his posts I think I have a pretty good game plan going these days, just working executing micro goals every day, follow my higher path, stay true to my vision.
-Alex Langer

I’m walking away with amazing lessons spending time with Iains community has transformed how I see myself and what I’m able to give to the world as a result it’s absolutely amazing it’s literally one of the best choices that I made all year to follow my intuition and to go spend time with Iain.
– Daniel Fox

I really enjoy the way that you guys break everything down. I am able to relate to your ways of wording things very well.
– Alli Plyer

So, I did this evolved lyfe workbook lesson the other day, Dissolving Unwanted Emotions. It was a good lesson, very interesting. I confess I didn’t follow along in complete understanding. However, yesterday I was in the car, going about the day, and all of a sudden I noticed this negative story popped into my head and I started to go with it. It seemed so fast, I was thinking, so and so, how dare they, do that to me … and I remembered Ian’s video from the other day’s lesson and I’m thinking oh wow, where did that come from, what am I supposed to do here, make the emotions stronger while watching as an observer, I got really angry, then … I realized I wasn’t even thinking about that situation or the feelings. I had moved on and didn’t even know it! I did have the self talk ready as to how ” they did the best they could”, etc. etc. But, I didn’t need it. And for the first time I was really aware that these thoughts are coming and going all the time.. we really can choose to watch them pass or grab them … I am smiling like crazy just thinking about it.
– Cheryl Watson

Alex Montalenti
Co-Founder at

Iain Grae is a blessing. He taught me to be deserving, worthy and how to create and attract abundance in my life.  This way of being is what works.  He continually helps me stay in alignment with my vision and his questions and routines are working.  He is a stand for my being a multimillionaire and I am currently on track to have 50 Million dollars.

In the world full of so called “Life Coaches”
what makes me different?

I didn’t start off in the personal development space – I actually went out and made millions. I didn’t have start up cash – I was actually in debt. I did not have a mentor to follow. I did not even know for sure what I was going to do.

I only had an idea, some books and some cassette tapes. Armed with desire to transform my life I took the little I had and started to take action. I tracked what gained the biggest results and created a formula for success that I have used in several businesses.

Today I give it to you in an easy format to follow. The practices and exercises are simple and anyone can apply them to drastically improve their quality of life.